Wireless Merchant Account

wirelessNew trends in processing credit card payments are driven by technology and PCI compliance security.

Today, merchants are able to find processing solutions to meet their need or convenience. Wireless processing offers many advantages for in store and out of store payment options.

Wireless Processing Benefits:

  • No Need for Expensive Land Based Phone Line
  • Built in Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Low Swiped Rates
  • Pin Based Debit Transactions
  • Keep Track of Cash Option
  • Less Charge Back Potential on Out of Store Processing
  • Signature Caption Option
  • Store and Forward Option
  • Wireless Credit Card Machines Can be Plugged in To Any Existing Phone Line

There are many other applications such as pay at the table for restaurants or mobile merchants who need fast and cost effective solutions.

When selecting a wireless device, AuthoTrans will help you make the right choice.

For More Information on a Wireless Credit Card Terminal
and Wireless Merchant Account Options,
Contact Us Via Email or 1.888.488.1907

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