Vending Machine Merchant Account

Vending machine owners and operators boost sales and reduce costs by accepting card payments as well as cash. Expand revenue opportunities at food and refreshment, ice and water, and all other unattended vending services with AuthoTrans. Vending operators rely on AuthoTrans to help them deploy and manage both cash and cashless payments.

Vending Credit Card Processing Features

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  • Vending machine operators rely on AuthoTrans to help them master the cashless payments learning curve while providing savings for credit card processing.
  • AuthoTrans allows access to contactless payment platforms for vending machine payment.
  • PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard) validated.
  • Hardware: Industry leading MEI® bezel for accepting both cash and credit cards, google and other wallet applications at vending machines.
  • Save on monthly wireless costs using the Remote Data Port (RDP) feature to link together multiple machines grouped in one location.
  • Reporting capability alerts vendors to coin mechanism, bill validator, card reader, column alert, sold out, no vend and no call, bill validator and card reader problems.
  • Reports issued via email.
  • Back office functions permit monitoring of sales and inventory from any Web connected computer. AuthoTrans delivers cash accountability and reconciliation data.

Vending Overview

Secure: Vending software secures cashless payment data so your customers are protected.
Connected: AuthoTrans partners with AT&T™ and Verizon to support wireless, cashless and contactless payment transactions.
Efficient: Back office reporting tools empower operators to monitor cashless transactions from any Web connected computer. Reports offer cash accountability and reconciliation data.

AuthoTrans combines card payment capability, wireless connections for credit card payments, back office reporting and training to deliver an end to end cashless vending solution.

Secure Wireless Technology

PCI compliant, proprietary software encrypts and compresses all of your cashless payment data to keep it secure and transmit it quickly and reliably over wireless networks.

Advanced Hardware

You get high quality hardware which enables cash and cashless transactions with a single bezel that fits into the existing cash slot on your vending machine. So you don’t have to sacrifice your cash sales to add cashless payments. You also get a fully functional wireless communication device which opens the door for future upgrades.

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