Government Merchant Account

AuthoTrans Merchant Services provides professional consulting services to help government agencies plan, procure, manage, and assure the quality of transformational IT systems and always providing low credit card processing rates.


AuthoTrans has partnered with entities that have successfully led government agencies through all aspects of government information technology projects for over 25 years including:

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  • Planning
  • Procurement Support
  • Project Management Support
  • Quality Assurance
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Business Transformation

Our team of experienced consultants provides the expertise in Health Benefit Exchange, MMIS, Eligibility Systems, Health Information Exchange, and WIC/EBT to help you succeed. We combine experience and technology expertise with secure, cost-effective solutions to help government agencies improve service to constituents, streamline operations and simplify payment processes.


  • Professional Services supply functional and technical expertise in the methodologies, tools, best practices and lessons learned on large government IT projects
  • Expertise in Business Transformation to help State Medicaid agencies optimize organizational structure, streamline business processes and create exceptional workforce preparedness
  • Robust Enterprise Management solutions provide the framework and structure for managing projects and ongoing oversight of initiatives to ensure accountability and success
  • Operational Verification and Validation (OV&V) delivers a wide-variety of experienced support to agencies contracting for services
  • More than 25 years of experience working with state health and human services agencies to plan, procure, manage, and oversee the implementation of large, transformational systems

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