AuthoTrans understands the payment processing needs of the businesses large and small.

Our server-based transaction processing system enables businesses to authorize, process, and manage credit card and electronic check transactions in a real-time, online environment from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. By establishing your AuthoTrans account, your business will have all the advantages of accepting credit cards like Visa, MasterCard with our fast, reliable commerce services, powerful databases, and secure connections to financial institutions.


AuthoTrans offers a variety of ways to promote your Internet Business.

Services Include:

  • Internet gateway for credit card processing and EFT check payment processing
  • Real-Time credit card processing for your Web site shopping carts
  • Both you and your customer are emailed order details immediately upon completion of each transaction, and you are also sent daily transaction summaries. AuthoTrans also gives you an interactive online listing of all transactions for any date range.
  • Daily and History reports on all payments all downloadable to an Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Take Swiped or Keyed In payment anywhere you have Internet access.
  • AuthoTrans owns its own gateways, with our gateway all listed benefit are available.

Virtual Terminal

virtual terminalThe AuthoTrans Virtual Terminal enables businesses with an AuthoTrans account to authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions from any computer, with an Internet connection and a Web browser. Transaction of either credit cards or EFT may be setup to an automated recurring billing format.

Businesses with an AuthoTrans account simply access the AuthoTrans Virtual Terminal, through our website using any industry standard web browser. After logging on to the system using a unique user ID and password, merchants can access the complete range of AuthoTrans services. This includes authorizations for purchases, credits and returns, with many other options.

To authorize credit card transactions, the merchant simply completes an electronic form that provides the AuthoTrans system with the information it needs to complete the transactions. The server then sends the data through the authorization network to the appropriate card issuer’s bank over a secure, connection. When the process is complete (this takes around five seconds) the merchant receives an authorization number and the AuthoTrans server stores this transaction. Transactions are automatically settled each day and funded.

The Virtual Terminal feature also allows the merchant to make sure that orders can be filled immediately and sent to their customers. The manual process of entering credit card information on a virtual terminal, allows each business to check inventory and the versatility to charge their clients credit card when products are shipped. This minimizes the chances of “Charge Backs”. Charge backs usually happen over the Internet, when merchandise or services are not provided in a timely manner.

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Real-Time Processing

With features like this, it’s no surprise that AuthoTrans is the fastest growing Internet-based payment authorization and transaction processing solution.

This is a simple, yet state of the art feature that allows your web page to become a virtual store front, processing orders 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. When orders are processed, your customer will receive an e-mail receipt that his/her credit card was approved and order processed. The merchant will receive an e-mail notifying them that a purchase has been processed and approved. Transactions processed are automatically settled each day and funded within 2-3 business days. Recurring Billing option is always available with your AuthoTrans account.

With real-time processing, your sales through the Internet can be increased forty to fifty percent, because of the convenience you give your customers. Now, your customer can shop with the flexibility that only real-time processing can give. This product is always available when your business opens an AuthoTrans account. Our staff can provide your web master the needed link to have this feature up and running at any time.

Recurring Billing

Recurring payments are those for which a cardholder gives permission to automatically charge his or her account on a regular basis. The benefits to the merchant include lowering outstanding receivables, improving cash flow and cutting collections cost and bad debt as well as updating the image of your company and enhancing customer service.

The option to pay recurring bills with a card is eagerly sought by the customers with whom you most want to build relationships – young, well-educated, prosperous individuals who use their cards actively and spend heavily. Research shows that these customers want card payment options for automatic bill payment because they:

Customer Service 
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  • Appreciate the convenience.
  • Want to feel in control of finances without worry of deadlines and late charges.
  • Want choices in how they pay their recurring bills.
  • Have a comfort level with technology.

Accept EFT Check Payments

AuthoTrans EFT (electronic funds transfer) service allows your customers to securely pay you online using their checking accounts. Our EFT service is available to you whether or not you have a merchant account to accept credit card payments.

How It Works

  • Customer completes your online order form, providing checking account information.
  • The order form is accepted by the secure server via a secure SSL socket.
  • Customer’s ABA (bank number) information is verified in a national database. Customer’s account number is checked against a black list of unreliable accounts.
  • Order confirmation is sent to you and to your customer.
  • Using a computer system not connected to the web, (our EFT processor) initiates an electronic funds transfer from your customer’s bank account to yours.

AuthoTrans EFT Advantages

  • Additional Payment Acceptance Ability
    The more payment options that are available to your customers, the more likely it is that they will purchase from you. Though much of the buying public uses credit cards, many consumers either do not hold them or simply prefer checks. Why limit your business to one form of payment? Accepting online payments from customers who use checks will substantially expand your customer base.
  • No Hardware or Software Required
    Online check acceptance is quickly and easily integrated into your existing online order forms. No software or hardware is required by you or your customers.
  • We Provide the Security
    Since AuthoTrans payments are secure from any website; there is no need for you or your customers to worry about information theft. AuthoTrans enables your customers to order online without ever having to transmit their account information over a non-secure Internet connection. Transactions utilize AuthoTrans proprietary system, including military-grade encryption and SSL. AuthoTrans secure server eliminates your need to have your own.
  • Detailed Reporting
    Similar to credit card acceptance, when a customer pays by check on your site, you and your customer receive immediate confirmation of the order. The information you receive includes the customer’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address, items ordered, and the order total. This information is emailed to you and is also available in your Transaction Control Panel. Additionally, our EFT processing provides its own set of detailed reports.

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