Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions Partnerships (Option 1)

financial institutionsAuthoTrans helps give a competitive edge to financial institutions. We harness relationships to help you meet continued demands for new customers, new deposits and new sources of revenue. We know how important attracting profitable customers and maintaining long-term relationships are to your financial institution.

Become a Partner

As competition and Federal Regulations continue to erode margins on traditional banking products, few financial institutions have fully tapped the potential that resides in your market for merchant acquiring services. AuthoTrans can become your ally in offering the latest in merchant processing programs to your business and commercial customers. This partner program provides a sales force dedicated to your institution, to help leverage your brand name and market presence, effort to attract and retain new customers and increase profitability.

Our Goal is to help your financial Institution to everyday, that includes customer service, terminal help desk, marketing materials, equipment deployment and programming, merchant training and activation, online transaction information, referral updates and reporting and allowing you to focus on core banking products and services.

Partner Benefits:

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  • Increase earnings from ongoing revenues
  • Grow deposits by capitalizing on strong brand recognition and branch distribution system
  • Reduce cost through AuthoTrans sales proficiency, experience and economies of scale—AuthoTrans assumes expenses, merchant liability (including fraud and chargebacks) and operational responsibility for the back-office support functions (customer service, help desk, etc.)
  • Create a long-term alliance that can bring best-in-class sales, service, products, branding, distribution and pricing to your merchant business
  • Access a professional, dedicated AuthoTrans sales force that works branch referrals and cold calls on merchants in your current markets
  • Reverse cross-sales opportunities with AuthoTrans back to your branch staff for core bank products and services

Referral Bank Partnership Program (Option 2)

Our Referral Bank Partnership Program allows you to offer business customers a complete package of financial services including credit, debit and check transaction processing. Through a relationship with AuthoTrans Merchant Services, you will have the ability to offer a full-service merchant processing program that is competitive, offers some of the latest in payment technology including contactless and EMV, provides ongoing fee-based revenue and drives bank deposit business and loyal bank customers.

The Referral Bank Partnership Program provides a complete turnkey offering that includes customer service, terminal help desk, marketing materials, equipment deployment and programming, merchant training and activation, online transaction information, referral updates and reporting—allowing you to focus on core banking products and services.

The program is designed as a low-risk turnkey solution where AuthoTrans provides all of the back-office support including credit underwriting and the sales resources needed to establish new business. Your bank provides referrals of those customers looking to add payment processing.

Potential benefits of Referral Bank Partnerships

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  • Receive a referral fee for each referred account that is approved
  • Receive cash advance fee income for branch transactions
  • Receive a monthly residual payment for your referred merchants’ processed sales
  • Support industry-related processing applications including retail, restaurant, hotel/car rental, purchasing card, business-to-business, mail/telephone order and eCommerce
  • Access customer service and point-of-sale help for your merchants 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Referral Bank Program Process

  • Referral form is submitted via fax to a AuthoTrans account representative
  • We establish the merchant account generally within two business days
  • Receive an account update the next day
  • An AuthoTrans Representative determines the set-up requirements and completes the application process
  • The merchant receives a Welcome Kit and an activation call
  • We provide the terminal training and programming assistance

How to join Our Referral Bank Partnership Program

Simply contact an AuthoTrans Sales Representative to find out more about the program and start referring merchants.

For More Information on Financial Institutions Partnerships
or Referral Bank Partnership Programs,
Contact Us Via Email or 1.888.488.1907

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