Health Care Merchant Account

health careNo matter what type of facility from medical, dental, chiropractic to veterinarian, you should not pay more for credit card processing or software because you are affiliated with health care. AuthoTrans offers cost effective credit card processing and software solutions for the Health Care Industry.

Recurring Payment Plan

AuthoTrans Gateway Solution gives options for patients and Health Care Providers to arrange a recurring payment plan with the use of a credit cards or (EFT) electronic check transfer. Now patients can arrange and agree to a payment plan before leaving your establishment.

AuthoTrans recurring payment plan can also be used to set up a cash fund for the patient’s future procedures.

Just enter the monthly payment amount, select payment type (credit card or EFT) that you and your patient agree on and select the number of months and you are done. Every month on the selected day the payment will automatically be taken, your patient will receive an email receipt and you will be notified that the payment has been successfully taken and sent to your bank.

Credit Card Processing Rates

health careAuthoTrans understands that health care is a unique credit card payment environment. However, that is not a reason to pay more to process credit card transactions. Did you know that 80 percent of health care facilities pay 20 to 30 percent more in credit card processing fees than other Industries. For no other reason than they are a health care facility.

With new health care government mandates and reductions in insurance payment contributions, every Health Care Provider should take an extensive look at cost of all service providers. Unfortunately, most health care providers overlook credit card processing rates.

health careHealth Care facilities usually have their credit card processing in place for years. Because their credit card processing works they have lost track of cost and increases related to their merchant account. Did you know that Visa, MasterCard and Discover increase processing rates related to card type two or three times per year? The rate that you started with or that you negotiated does not exist any longer, due to these increases.

Merchant accounts for Health Care Providers are usually intertwined with a patient software solution. Health care providers feel it is too costly to make the change, they are too busy, or it is just too much trouble and can cause interruption in their day to day procedures. This is exactly what your current credit card processor is counting on.

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AuthoTrans can show you how to seamlessly make the transition to savings no matter how busy your facility is.

Authotrans can make an assessment and provide your facility with new programs, new software for processing credit cards that can be tailored to your specific need and at the same time lower your processing cost.

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